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Guest Illustrations

I believe in personalized small luxuries! A brush in my hand will create individual illustrations of you on request or as special gifts for your important guests!


Logistic Plan for My Work at the Wedding

  • 1. Thank you cards are pre-printed with the names of the bride and groom, the wedding date, and a thank you message inside.
  • 2. I arrive 2 hours before the wedding and set up my station.
  • 3. After guests have given their wishes, I approach them to take a photo, which I will need to create an illustration.

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“An extraordinary memento! I highly recommend it to anyone looking for something unique. Our artist, Basia, painted portraits of 250 guests 🎨, which seemed impossible! Extraordinary skills and passion left us completely delighted! Huge thanks to the whole team for such wonderful work! We can't wait for more opportunities to collaborate with you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! 😍😘🎉

Karol Wiśniewski

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Frequently asked questions

What is the maximum number of guests I can paint for?

I am able to paint for weddings with any number of guests, up to 300 people or more. If the number of guests exceeds 80, I work with a second illustrator.

What must the event organiser provide?

Pleas for one large table (or two small tables) and two chairs.

Should painting materials be provided?

No, I provide all the materials needed for the illustration.

What does personalisation look like?

One month before the wedding date, we agree with the couple the text of the thank-you note and details of the personalisation of the card on which the illustrations will be made.

How many portraits can be taken during one event?

Each illustration with two people takes between 7 and 10 minutes, depending on the complexity of the clothing or accessories. We work efficiently to provide illustrations to as many guests as possible on the day.

How can you contact me?

You can contact me via email or a message on Instagram.

Do visitors need to sit while drawing?

No! I take quick photos of the guests, which I send to a tablet to illustrate them. This means that the guests don't have to sit in one place but can observe as I create the illustration.

What time will I arrive at the wedding venue?

I always arrive at the venue two hours before the event starts to set up my workstation.

How long does the whole illustration attraction last?

I work throughout the entire duration of the wedding.

What is my service area?

I offer my services throughout the entire Poland.

What events do I work at?

I work at weddings, 18th birthday parties, themed conferences, corporate Christmas parties, baby showers, anniversaries, and media galas.

How many people can be in one illustration?

I try to have a maximum of two people per illustration so that as many guests as possible can take their portraits home.

What artistic medium do I use?

I use quick-drying watercolour paints that don't leave a mess.

How much does the service cost?

Please complete our enquiry form and we will provide you with a personalised quotation.



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